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The best software for trading is useless if you don't have the right trading system. This is like having a fine hammer and trying to use it like a saw. Trend trading may achieve the best possible returns, or the worst ones if you try to saw a nail.

And here is it...

What not to do

Forex   Under the millstones of the banks
Futures  Hoping for the trend and finding chaos
Options   Above average? You will still lose!
Stocks   The negative-sum game for investors

Subjective selection of trading software highlights:

Stock screening

Charting and technical analysis

Simulation, back-testing, prediction and trading signals

  • Adaptive Modeler - Agent based market simulation for price forecasting.
  • Stock NeuroMaster - Charting and stock market prediction with neural network.
  • TradingSolutions - Neural network models with genetic algorithms.
  • Seer - Trading system back-testing for Forex, stocks and futures.
  • Golden Gem - Neural network stock prediction with data downloader.
  • Optimal Trader - Trading signals by combining technical analysis with neural networks and adaptive signal processing.
  • Cyklotron - Finds quotes cycles in eod data.
  • Forex Tester - Simulator for studying Forex trading.
  • Cute Trader - Simulator for daytrading.
  • EquityRider - Charting and trading systems analysis with back-testing.
  • Trend Day Finder - Locates trend days for indices and stocks with its own data downloader.
  • Forex Strategy Builder - Tests online Forex indicator-based trading strategies with charting.
  • Investment Studio - Charting, technical analysis and back-testing.
  • StockFusion Studio - Charting and back-testing of forecasting algorithms and technical indicators.
  • InferenceTrade - Stock market charting and trading system development.
  • Neuro Hit - Models neural networks.

Quotes download, streaming quotes

  • Quotes4u - Downloads stock quotes and exports the data into 11 different formats.
  • HSQuote - Downloads free historical end of day stock quotes and converts to Metastock, ASCII or spreadsheet format.
  • EZQuote - Download historical end-of-day quotes for Metastock or ASCII format.
  • IBXL - Interactive Brokers streaming quotes for IB Trader Workstation and Excel.
  • QTXL - QuoteTracker streaming quotes in Excel.
  • MLDownloader - Downloads intraday, end-of-day and historical quotes.
  • DataBull - Downloads stock quotes in 4 formats.

Portfolio management

  • Fund Manager - Analyze and monitor stocks, mutual funds and other investments. Tax reports and technical analysis included.
  • TradeTrakker Deluxe - Portfolio tracking.
  • Master Investor - Portfolio management, technical analysis and charting.
  • PortfolioTK - Portfolio management for stocks with quantitative statistics and charting.
  • Personal Stock Streamer - Portfolio management with realtime streaming Quotes, charts, technical analysis and alerts.



  • EToro - Forex trading platform which enables you to easily try Forex. Open a free demo account with all features of the real thing and practice as long as you want.




  • Stock Spy - Visualizing news events in price charts for stocks.

Automated system trading

  • TradeBullet - Automated order routing and trading system execution with multiple brokers.

Stock system trading

  • Trend System - Trading the stock market with a fine trend system.

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